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Scheduled maintenance will occur every Saturday at midnight for up to 4 hours Mountain Standard Time.

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If you have never used GitLab before, simply click "Charter ESSO" to create and sign in to your account (you will need a valid email address)

Technical Support

For the quickest support please create a ticket with PDE support.

Static IPs

GitLab is hosted on a set of static IPs to accommodate those who must access its services from restrictive networks. These static IP addresses are:




  • 2600:9000:a412:f5d6:2344:c57:dcbc:a504
  • 2600:9000:a503:719a:1e84:f66f:1fbe:3959

Locked accounts

If your account has been inactive for 60 or more days it will become blocked, a locked account will not be able to log in. Please use the GitLab Unblock Automation.

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